Gerald65 Keyboard Kit - GB

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The Gerald65 utilizes a stacked acrylic construction in order to bring high-end features into an ergonomic keyboard at a more affordable price. It also offers a wide range of colors and plate options!

The Gerald65 comes with a 3mm acrylic plate as standard (sandwich mounted) but can be upgraded to gasket mounting with any of the additional plate options!

The layout of the Gerald65 differs from other 65% keyboards with unique changes in the layout. The right column is a full 4 keys and is aligned with the arrow cluster, giving equal spacing all around. Additionally, the ‘P’ is in a horizontal position, encouraging proper typing technique.


Color Info:

-Clear, blue, green, matte black, and pink use the same color acrylic throughout.

-Smoke and frosted use the specified color only for the top and bottom. (Middle and feet are made of clear acrylic).



2 weeks after group buy – Acrylic will arrive, I will begin laser cutting all of the cases

2-4 months after group buy – PCBs will arrive

3-5 months after group buy – All keyboards will ship out



-7 layer acrylic case with extra pieces for angle

-Acrylic plate (in the same color as the case)

-PCB (Hotswap or solder)

-8x hex standoffs

-16x 10mm m3 hex screws

-4x 16mm m3 hex screws

-Case foam, plate foam, and 4 foam supports

-Allen wrench / L driver for assembly

-microfiber cloth


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